Panya Honey Natural Soap

Panya Honey Natural Soap

Product Description

While ordinary soaps and perfumes use chemicals and dry out the skin, Panya Spa’s own locally-produced honey soap is 25% pure honey, ensuring that your body gets the deep, silky clean feeling that only the most luxurious skin-care products are able to match.

The secret to youthful skin is deceptively simple: Care for it with the purest, finest ingredients, keep it fresh and clean with the right balance of essential oils, and stay active. With our all-natural and organic honey soap, we at Panya Natural can put you on the path to glowing, gorgeous skin every day.

Thailand’s tropical countryside may be hard on the skin, but it also allows bountiful harvests of rich ingredients to soothe and nourish the body beautifully from top to bottom. Feel extra fresh from your shower with our delightful honey soap, or treat yourself to the ultimate skin care sensation by supplementing it with moringa serum and our Coffee Detox Shower Gel as part of our luxury care package.

All of our products are made with local, organic ingredients and produced right here in Thailand, the natural spa of the world.


  • protect skin from bacteria
  • honey is a great skin moisturizer
  • Anti-aging acne treatment
  • heal wounds
  • have antimicrobial properties, thereby preventing inflammation of the skin

How to use

Wash on you face and body


  • Plan Glycerin
  • Honey from longan flower garden
  • DMDH Hydantion


  •  Panya Natural Honey Soap is premium quality for hand made soap. Blend of 100% pure honey harvested from longan flower garden once a year during flowering for the most valuable benefit and feature to its fullest of honey
  • Use natural raw material and glycerin , suit for sensitive skin and don’t cause eyes burning , soft, creamy lather , rinse easy, retain moisture to the skin and don’t cause skin dryness
  • no color, no flavor, no SLS, SLES and Paranen

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