Panya Moringa Serum

Panya Moringa Serum

Product Description

Often called ‘the miracle tree’, moringa oleifera is experiencing a new and dramatic surge in popularity due to its extraordinary nutritional value, as well as its wide range of applications. Panya Spa’s carefully made moringa serum is the ideal facial oil to heal, soothe and fortify your skin through the hot and dramatic tropical weather of Thailand.

The versatility of moringa means that it is packed with vitamins and protein for your hair as well as your skin and body. The nutrients throughout the moringa tree are perfectly balanced to strengthen dry or damaged hair, giving it extra body and bounce all day long, and infusing it with a sweet organic scent.

At Panya Natural, we work closely with moringa farms across the north of Thailand to produce a premium quality product. Different parts of the moringa tree are used for different purposes, and each of our farms is purposefully designed to extract specific parts of the leaves, bark and root, to make sure that you receive a balanced portion of the best sections of the plant, grown only with the end result in mind.

By working so closely with our farmers, we’re able to offer world-class quality and purity as we mix the essential elements of the moringa extracts together to make our special serum. Just one drop, and you’ll never want to go back to fortifying your skin and hair with standard pharmacy products again.


  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Reduce blemishes
  • Build up collagen
  • Oil control
  • Long lasting make up
  • Reduce dull skin and stretch marks on abdomen, hip, elbow and knees
  • Reduce Eczema, Fungal, Diabetic Ulcers, Bed Sore, herpes, psoriasis lesions and wound infection
  • Naturalize insect bites and rash
  • Massage reduce headaches, body aches, arthritis, muscle and tendon inflammation

How to use

Apply to your face and body that needs restoration


100% Moringa Oil : Cold pressed


Moringa oil has Oleic Acidand will penetrate into inner skin and help expand blood vessels. It helps acne red marks and scars heal faster. And flavonoid compounds , anti-oxidant anti-aging, slow down the degeneration off skin cell. ​

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