We keep everything natural at Panya, including the packaging for our products. We rely on recycled materials and avoid plastic wherever possible. Glass protects pure moringa serum better from UV rays and chemicals, and it is the best way to preserve the health benefits of the oil. Our soaps come in cotton bags, made by groups of women who craft them by hand in rural areas. Bamboo is used for the boxes that come with our special gift sets.

Panya Natural’s traditional production and packaging process reduces waste, creates community projects for groups without many economic opportunities, and also adds an attractive aesthetic touch to everything we make. Each time we sell a gift box, we also give a portion of the proceeds to selected orphanage – including the one whose children helped us design our own logo. Recycling isn’t just for paper and glass; we believe in giving back to nature as well as to the communities whose products nourish our health.

To find out more, visit our Panya Foundation page and see what we’re all about. The quality of our products speaks for itself, but true health and well-being also come from within.