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Miss Saparot and the pineapple factory

Miss Saparot and the pineapple factory

Miss Saparot and The pineapple Factory

Late afternoon on Thursday the 30th January in Udonthanee, I picked up the phone after it rang a few times “Hi, is that Khun Tukta from Fair trade connection?” the voice of the lady asked me with an hesitating and cheerful tone. “Yes, it’s me. How are you khun Kook?” I responded with her name as it showed on my mobile screen earlier. She continued “We would like to inform you that the Co-operative has agreed for Fair Trade Connection to come over and produce the video about us” a big smile appeared on my face and then we discussed about the job. After hanging up the phone with Khun Kook I hurried to report the good news to Ronny, we were both excited and started to organize our trip to Samroiyod already.

Samroiyod sub-district is located in Prachuabkeerikhun province; it is one of the main pineapple growing areas in Thailand. 1/3 of the region (or 161,440 rais) is used to farm pineapples and 50% of the locals are farmers, hence the importance of pineapple farming for providing jobs and income to the local population.

Pineapple is one of the main exporting goods for Thailand, each year they export approximately 2.5 million tons of fresh and processed pineapples. In the area of Samroiyod there are many processed pineapple factories, most of which export to Western countries such as the US, England, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy and many more. But the only place that grows and produces fair trade canned pineapples is the farmers fair trade cooperative of Samroiyod (SRI) and Samroiyod Co,Ltd (the processing factory). The cooperative has been established 5 years ago and the factory has been certified fair trade for 6 or 7 years. We have been shooting for 4 days at the different locations: pineapple farms, cooperative office and the Samroiyod factory. They were very welcoming with us, providing a lot of useful information and trying to help as much as possible to make the shooting smoother. We spent much time with the farmers it their pineapple fields and we learned a lot out there, like how to grow the pineapples that we eat from the really first to the last step. The strong sunlight and the wind gave us a hard time during the shooting but we still managed to bring you some good videos and photographs.

We spent almost 2 full days of the shooting at the processing factory, getting to know all the steps of making sliced canned pineapple. From the delivery of the pineapples to the factory by the farmers to the quality check and wrapping. We saw the pineapples entering as a fruit and getting out in a tin with a fair trade label on it, ready to be exported to the fair trade customers all over the world.