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Panya Natural&Spa’s beauty and spa products use only the finest all-natural ingredients, grown organically from local farms in various parts of Thailand. For a healthier alternative to the factory chemicals used by other brands, Panya Spa offers a range of vitamin-rich cleansing products and serums to give your skin the relaxing and refreshing life it deserves.

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Our specialty products include rich, nourishing honey soap, with each bar made of 25% real honey so your skin can absorb more natural vitamins and minerals. Our all-purpose moringa serum (100% pure moringa oleifera) and moringa powder are rich in protein and packed with nutrients to help you keep your skin and body both beautiful and healthy. Other brands offer only a fraction of these essential ingredients, but our close partnerships with farms across the north and northeastern parts of the country let us offer remarkable purity at an affordable price, and without any artificial additives.

Panya Natural’s Coffee Detox Shower Gel both cleans and nourishes to deliver premium quality beauty care, giving your skin a smooth, soft texture that keeps you looking younger and features Vitamin E for extra protection against ultraviolet rays. A subtle scent of lemongrass, together with honey and essential oils, makes for fresh and revitalizing experience with every use. All of our fresh oils, herbs and other ingredients are sourced from small farms in Chiang Mai and Isan provinces, allowing us to support farmers and small businesses in the countryside.

Our connection with local communities is at the heart of everything we do. Ever since our founder, Kamonrat Latseeta (Emmy), grew up in an agricultural environment, she began experimenting with local ingredients and building relationships with a fine community of growers. When HM Princess Sirindhorn visited the area and taught villagers to grow moringa trees and take advantage of the amazing healing properties in their leaves, roots and bark, Emmy learned the true power and potential of local farming – and also the valuable lesson of giving back to her community.

Panya Natural is a natural extension of these beliefs. We believe in fair trade with our suppliers, and they reward us with their finest selections every season. We also give back to local communities through our Panya Foundation, by helping support orphanages across the nation and working together with them on special projects every year during holiday periods.

At Panya, we believe that health and beauty come from treating your body right, as well as by developing good relationships with those around you. Our products are made with:

·       Thailand’s highest quality all-natural ingredients

·       Healthy, vitamin-rich formulas proven to work

·       Excellent quality control

·       Local and traditional wisdom

·       Strong community support

Thailand’s tropical climate lets us grow some of the world’s finest ingredients, and Panya ensures that its farms are clean, regulated and carefully managed during every growing season. So as you take a look around, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in our online catalogue. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

At Panya Natural&Spa, we’re dedicated to bringing you a delightful experience with our premium product selection. Give us a try, and experience what true quality feels like.

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